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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India !

Trading and wholesaling the finest quality A-333 PVC Film Gum, Visicol LM-5048 Lamination Gum and more since 1992…

About Us

The business model of our Maharashtra, India based company, Sunex Industries, is quite similar to the ones of producers in the supply chain. We source the highest quality Technomelt Q 718 Hotmelt Main Glue Powder, PVC Film Gum, Board To Board Pasting Gum, B-777 Matt Film Gum, Technomelt 970 N Hotmelt Glue Powder and more from our reputed manufacturing businesses or buy these in bulk from distributor entities dealing with producers of products we require. Our aim to source valued products in bulk, stock these till shipment and then provide them to the retailers or individual clients at lower prices. Besides performing functions of selling and buying, our presence as a wholesaler and trader is crucial in the market for conducting other facilitating functions. For instance-
  • Dividing or bulk breaking
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Financing, etc.
We also bear the risk caused by reduced demands, customers’ interests, price fluctuations and many other factors. If it were not for us, then producers would have to bear all these risks on their own. This shows our importance in the supply chain.

Public Relations

Our manager, Mr. Harshil H Parmar, is the key strength of our company. Under his guidance, we pay strict attention to our different shareholders; be they our investors, suppliers, pressure groups, distributors, vendors or customers. Maintaining good relations with all these people by carrying out some planned functions is called public relations. And, public relation develops a vibe of positivity in our people towards our business policies, products and our company. And, since this has become an important part of our business; we do everything to ensure that our public relations are well-maintained.


We are important to producers because we help them store their bulk produced goods in our capacious warehouse set up at our base. All the products, ranging from Technomelt Q 299 M Hotmelt Main Glue Powder to Bondex ACR Sticker Gum and more are carefully categorized and placed in the racks and cabinets placed in the warehouse. Categorization of goods is done for their quick retrieval at the time of shipment. We also have a team of warehousing staff that keeps a close check to all the warehousing management operations. Also, the installed CCTV camera ensures all the detection. 

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